Libraries Safety charter

To keep you, your families, other customers and our staff safe

Customers will:

  • stay at home if they feel unwell
  • recognise entry restrictions and queue patiently
  • keep to physical distancing requirements
  • use the hand sanitisers (even on gloves)
  • only use the library to borrow or return books, and to use the internet
  • limit their browsing of books
  • limit their use of computers,
  • cleaning them before use
  • use self-service issue machines
  • Where a mask or face covering, where possible

libraries will:

  • store books for 72 hours before putting them back on shelves
  • provide reserved times for older, vulnerable customers at certain libraries
  • increase cleaning
  • install screens and customer signage
  • provide hand sanitiser
  • provide materials to clean the computers.


  • Please use exact change for printing


  • We cannot offer access to toilet facilities

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Was this page helpful?