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The Salisbury

Application Type: Pavement Licence


Premises: The Salisbury, 2 Wakefield Street, Manchester M1 5NE


The Business and Planning Act 2020


Notice is hereby given that Manchester City Council has received an application to place furniture temporarily on the highway in the Deansgate ward to sell or serve food or drink, and/or for use by other people for the consumption of food or drink supplied from, or in connection with, the relevant use of the premises.


A summary of the application is as follows:


Premises:     The Salisbury

Area of the highway to be used: Road adjacent to premises – 2 Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NE

Furniture details:

  • 5 picnic benches with a parasol in each and 1 x shrub placed on each in a plastic pot
  • 2 round wooden barrels, these are used as drink collection points to maintain social distancing between staff/ customers
  • 4 crowd control barriers to demarcate the area, 2 of these have 3 x plastic plant pots attached.

Dimensions of proposed licensable area:

Length (m):              11

Width (m):                 3

Overall area (m2):    33

Distance from edge of licensable area to kerb edge/street furniture (m):


The days of the week and hours it is proposed to have furniture on the highway:

Monday to Sunday
Start: 0800    Finish: 2400


Further information may be obtained by contacting the Premises Licensing Team as per the details below.  Representations concerning the above proposal must also be submitted in writing as per the details below, and should arrive on or before 3 August 2020:


Premises Licensing Team

P.O Box 532


M60 2LA


Or via e-mail:


Please note that replies to this notice may have to be made available in order to comply with the Local Government (access to information) Act 1985 therefore any representations cannot be treated as confidential.

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