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Licences and permissions Terms and conditions of a pavement licence

Terms of the licence

No obstruction condition

1. This licence shall have effect insofar as nothing done by the licence-holder pursuant to the licence would:

a) prevent traffic, other than vehicular traffic, from— 

  • (i) entering the relevant highway at a place where such traffic could otherwise enter it (ignoring any pedestrian planning order or traffic order made in relation to the highway), 
  • (ii) passing along the relevant highway, or 
  • (iii) having normal access to premises adjoining the relevant highway,

b) prevent any use of vehicles which is permitted by a pedestrian planning order or which is not prohibited by a traffic order,

c) prevent statutory undertakers having access to any apparatus of theirs under, in, on or over the highway, or

d) prevent the operator of an electronic communications code network having access to any electronic communications apparatus kept installed for the purposes of that network under, in, on or over the highway.

Smoke-free seating condition

2. Smoking of tobacco is not permitted within the licensed area and at least one 'no smoking' sign shall be visibly displayed within it.

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