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A unique and personal civil ceremony

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These ceremonies are often associated with a special anniversary, such as the 10th, 25th or 40th.

Whatever your reason, renewing your vows can strengthen your marriage or civil partnership, bring back happy memories and perhaps give an excuse for a party!

Equally it is appropriate for couples whose relationship has been under strain, perhaps due to illness or other pressures and who wish to celebrate their renewal of commitment to each other.

Perhaps you have been married abroad and wish to say 'I do' again in the presence of family and friends who were not present at the time of your marriage.

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony can be held in the Pankhurst Suite at the Manchester Register Office or at another venue of your choosing within the City of Manchester.

Please note however, although venues do not need a licence for this type of ceremony, they must be deemed suitable by the Manchester Registration Service before a Renewal of Vows Ceremony can take place there.

All venues that have a licence for marriages have also been approved for Renewal of Vows Ceremonies.


Ceremony in the Pankhurst Suite (at the Register Office)

  • Monday - Friday      £140.00  incl VAT 
  • Saturday                 £190.00  incl VAT 

(The Register Office is not normally open for ceremonies on Wednesdays, Sundays or Bank Holidays) 

Ceremonies at an outside venue

  • Monday - Saturday     £240.00  incl VAT 
  • Sundays and Bank Holidays  £270.00  incl VAT 


For further information, or to book a ceremony, please contact the Register Office.

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