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How to apply for a Registrar General's Licence

Where one party is seriously ill and not expected to recover, a ceremony can take place using a Registrar General’s Licence from the Registration district where that person is located.  Where possible you should contact the relevant register office during office hours so the necessary arrangements can be made. If the ill person is in a Manchester hospital, the staff at the hospital should be able to help.

Ceremonies under Registrar General's Licence can take place at any location including people’s homes, hospitals and hospices.

A letter from the Doctor in medical attendance is required. We have provided two sample letters that doctors can use as a template. Please note that the marriage letter can only be used for marriages and the civil partnership letter for civil partnerships.

To arrange a Registrar General’s Licence please contact 0161 234 5508 during office hours.  We are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 4.30pm.  The office is closed from 2.30pm on the first Tuesday of each month. If you need to contact us at any other time please ring our emergency out of hours service (0161 223 7222) who will arrange for a member of the Registration Team to contact you.

Template Letters when applying for a Registrar Generals Licence

Please ask the doctor responsible for the care of the patient to use the templates provided to prepare their letter. The letter should be on headed paper. Please note that there are two templates, one for marriage and another for civil partnerships.

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