Sports, leisure and the Arts Manchester Culture Awards 2019

Award categories

Young Creative of the Year

A young person (aged 13-25) who is inspiring future generations of Mancunians and others through their creativity, and/or is supporting others to be creative. 

Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

A project, organisation or partnership that is making an impact by helping people feel better,in body and/or mind. 

Promotion of Equality & Diversity

An organisation, group or individual that works to increase equality and diversity in culture. 

Promotion of Environmental Sustainability

A project, organisation or partnership that is making a positive impact on the environment. 

Promotion of Talent and Leadership 

An organisation, group or individual that does great work supporting others to develop their skills and talents. 

Promotion of Culture and Education

An organisation, school, group or individual that supports children’s and/or young people's education through cultural and creative activity. 

Best Business Partnership

A partnership that supports culture and helps it thrive in Manchester.

Best Event

A brilliant event that you think should be recognised. 

Best Performance 

A performance, in any art form, that was amazing and really impressed you. 

Best Exhibition

An arts or heritage exhibition that you thought was the best. 

Inspiring Innovation

An organisation, group or partnership who stood out for their fresh or radical approach to culture. 

Outstanding Contribution

An organisation, group or partnership whose work stood out and who made an outstanding contribution to Manchester, or a Manchester community.

The Manchester People’s Cultural Award

This category is for someone that deserves to be celebrated for their dedication and contribution to culture in Manchester. They might have had an impact on people, in a school, a club, a community or the city. This is an award with a difference, because the final winner will be chosen by a public vote in association with the Manchester Evening News. Achievements for this category can have taken place over a number of years.  


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