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Planning and regeneration Local Land Charge Searches

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Environmental Information Regulations (EIR)

Customers can email requests for property search related EIR data to including the following information as part of their request:

  • the location details of the land to be searched (including a plan to assist with the identification of the site, a lack of a plan clearly showing the area to be searched may delay the response being returned)

Data Available

The following data sets are queried in the generation of the report:

Local Land Charges Register, Planning Applications, Planning Notices, Conservation Areas, Tree Preservation Orders, Building Control Applications, Building Control Contraventions, Proposed Highway Closures within 30 metres, Highways Maintained at Public Expense (Indicative Status) within 30 metres, Proposed Rail Schemes within the local authority boundary, Proposed Road Schemes within 250 metres, Proposed Traffic Orders within 200 metres, Field Footpaths (Indicative Routes) within 30 metres, Notices, Compulsory Purchase Orders, Contaminated Land, Radon Gas, Common Land within 30 metres, Assets of Community Value within 30 metres, Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDS), Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The report will only contain data items identified as intersecting, adjoining or within a specified distance of the requested search location. Where appropriate a plan will be included with the report schedule for information.

The information provided in this report is unrefined environmental information required to answer a property search enquiry. It is derived from the same information that is used to answer official local authority search enquiries.

As the information is unrefined we are unable to confirm the relevance of the individual data items. Data items are returned with all available details including location details to enable you to interpret the data for your own needs. Contact details are provided at the back of this report so that any questions regarding the data provided can be addressed to the department responsible for that data.

Data Available Elsewhere

The following is a list of the data that is available on-line through the Council website, this is the same data used by the land charges team in the compilation of official search reports (Con29, Con29O and LLC1). 

  • Planning Registers
  • Building Control Applications
  • Building Control Contraventions

You can view or obtain the following information online:

Visit the Planning Application Registers / Planning Enforcement Registers page for further information and documents relating to planning applications, planning appeals and planning enforcement action.

Visit the Building Control Applications / Building Control Contraventions page for further information and documents relating to building control applications and building control contraventions

Visit the Local Development Framework page for further information and documents relating to planning designations and proposals.

Visit the Article 4 Direction page for further information relating the Article 4 Direction about changing the use of your property.

Visit the Register of Licences and Management Orders page to view the list of licensed rented home (Houses in Multiple Occupation) 

A report containing the unrefined data revealed in the enquiry will be returned by email to the customer.

This service will be offered under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 and will be free of charge. As required by the legislation, we aim to answer your request within 20 working days from the date we receive it but we will endeavour to answer it as quickly as possible. If for any reason we are unable to meet this deadline we will keep you fully informed of the reasons for this.

Direct any queries regarding access to this information and feedback about the service to

If you would like to be informed of changes to this service then please contact and we will include your email address in a mailing list for future updates.

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