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Planning and regeneration Local Land Charge Searches

CON29 and Con29O - Enquiries of the Local Authority (2016 Edition)

In addition to the items revealed on the LLC1 - Official Certificate of Search a potential purchaser will also wish to know of any more important warning information about the property or land which will become binding upon any new purchaser upon completion.

To cover these important but non-registerable items the questionnaire forms CON29 and Con29O are available.

CON29 Enquiries of the Local Authority (2016 Edition)

Enquiries 1 - 3 deal with enquiries relating to:

  • Q1 Planning and Building Regulations
  • Q2 Roads and Public Rights of Way
  • Q3 Other Matters

Examples of the information contained in this report are:

  • the planning and building regulation history of the site. For example, if a property has had an extension this would reveal if it was built to the correct standards and complies with the law.  
  • the planning policies which affect the site
  • whether the roadways, footways and footpaths abutting the site are maintained at public expense
  • any public rights of way crossing the site
  • sustainable urban drainage schemes
  • proposed road schemes that are within 200 metres of the site
  • proposed rail schemes that are within 200 metres of the site or within the local authority boundary 
  • all proposed traffic schemes that may affect the property would be revealed e.g. proposed parking restriction or a permanent closure of a road
  • any statutory notices raised against a site that may later incur financial charges e.g. if the council have had to remove rubbish and works have had to be carried out by the council in connection to dangerous structures.
  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • if your property may be affected by contaminated land
  • if your property may be affected by radon gas

CON29O Enquiries of the Local Authority (2016 Edition)

Enquiries 4 - 22 deal with additional enquiries relating to:
  • Q4 Road Proposals by Private Bodies
  • Q5 Advertisements
  • Q6 Completion Notices
  • Q7 Parks and Countryside
  • Q8 Gas Pipelines
  • Q9 Houses in Multiple Occupation
  • Q10 Noise Abatement
  • Q11 Urban Development Areas
  • Q13 Enterprise Zones, Local Development Orders and BIDs
  • Q13 Inner Urban Improvement Areas
  • Q14 Simplified Planning zones
  • Q15 Land Maintenance Notices
  • Q16 Mineral consultation Areas
  • Q17 Hazardous Substance Consents
  • Q18 Environmental and Pollution Notices
  • Q19 Food Safety Notices
  • Q20 Hedgerow Notices
  • Q21 Flood Defence and Land Drainage Consents
  • Q22 Registered Common Land and Town or Village Greens

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