Planning and regeneration Local Land Charge Searches

Helpful tips for your application

To enable us to begin processing your search application on the day of receipt see the tips below:

  1. Always send one completed set of LLC1 and Con29 forms and include a plan of the property/land with the area to be searched clearly outlined in red. Don't forget to include any garages or parking spaces.
  2. Ensure that you include all optional and additional enquiries you may require, including the appropriate additional fees.
  3. If you want to include other roads and footpaths in Box C of the Con29R form, please identify them by name and/or identify them by colouring or hatching on the plan.
  4. Payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer (BACS) payment, contact us at for further details.  Cheques are to be made payable to Manchester City Council.
  5. If you are an account holder you can email you search request forms and plan to
  6. If you want any help or support in making your application, then contact us at
  7. Official local land charges searches are carried out and certified by the council on behalf of a person buying land or property.
  8. A search takes 2-3 working days to process.

Applicant details

Enter the details of the search applicant. If you want the search to be returned by email then please enter your email address on the form.

Search Area

The address to be searched against should be inserted in Box B. This should be as full as possible and include a Post Code. If no specific postal address is possible e.g. if searching on a piece of land, then submit as ‘Land/Buildings at……’.  A plan will be required with the search area outlined in red. Ensure the plan is up to date and clearly identifiable.

We have a fully computerised GIS based search system. The area to be searched that you submit is copied exactly into our system. For this reason the plan should be up to date. Once processing of the search has begun no amendments to the ‘extent’ are possible and the applicant would have to submit a new search.

Box C information

If you require any further roadways, footways and footpaths to be searched in respect of the property then enter the name and/or mark on a plan any other roadways, footpaths and footways next to the property, in addition to those stated in the address to be searched against. The answer returned in the Con29R report against question 2.a will list only roadways, footways and footpaths that are maintained at council expense. A full list of all roadways, footways and footpaths that have been searched will be listed on the Con29 Enquiries of Local Authority certificate included as part of the search report.

Additional Parcels

Additional parcel means land (including a building or part of a building) which is separately occupied or rated or, if not occupied or rated, in separate ownership (e.g. a block of flats or several industrial/commercial units).

Normally a separate search request should be made, and the appropriate fee paid, in respect of each separate parcel of land.  However, one search request may cover more than one parcel when it is required for the purposes of a single transaction and the several parcels have a common boundary or are separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

We will only charge an addition parcel fee if the land (parcel) has a common boundary to the parcel being searched and it is one transaction.

A separate search request should be made if the additional parcels don't contain a common boundary.

Multiple parcels on one search

Valid if:

  • If a single purchaser is buying all the parcels (single transaction).
  • The applicant has been able to confirm the purchaser is the same for all houses.
  • All parcels being purchased by the single purchaser in one transaction, have common boundaries or are separated only be a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

Invalid if:

  • Purchaser cannot be proven to be the same for all houses.
  • Parcels being purchased under one transaction by one purchaser, do not have common boundaries or are not separated only by a road, railway, river, stream or canal.

Parcels - When does something become a separate parcel? 

  • Separate occupation or separately 'rated' for council tax purposes.
  • Named and numbered.
  • Field earmarked for development is still one parcel until the properties meet the parcel requirements above.

Method of Response

The response method is entirely down to you – please indicate on the form which method you would like. Only one method will be used e.g. if you select ‘By Email’ then you will not receive a paper copy through the post/DX.

Payment details

Enter the required payment method and also the total fee submitted. Refer to the search fee schedule and include the additional fee for additional parcels when calculating the cost of the search. If you are paying by cheque ensure the cheque is made payable to Manchester City Council.

Search Copies

We are not responsible for searches going ‘astray’ in the postal service/DX. The results are dispatched in good faith and should they not be delivered the client must send an email to requesting a copy search which will be provided free of charge.

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Was this page helpful?