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Planning and regeneration Commenting on planning applications

Planning and Highways Committee

COVID-19 Update

Following government advice to follow social distancing measures, Manchester City Council will host its Planning Committee meetings virtually until further notice.

Public and Ward Member participation at virtual meetings of the Planning Committee will operate slightly differently to in-person meetings.

Nominated representatives can continue to request to speak at the committee (only one person will be allowed to speak for and against an application).  If you wish to nominate someone (including yourself) to speak, please contact before 10am on the Tuesday before the scheduled committee meeting. You will need to provide:

  • Name and contact details of the registered speaker (an email address will be required, in order that the speaker can be invited to join the meeting)
  • Description and planning reference number of the matter on which they wish to speak

Only one person can speak for or against any application. Please note that the applicant will normally speak on their application, so you are unlikely to be able to speak in support of it. If there is more than one nomination to speak against an application, the person whose nomination was received first by the Council will be given that position.

Ward Members retain the right to speak at virtual meetings of the Planning Committee. In order to assist in the management of the meeting, Ward Members are also asked to indicate their intention to attend and speak by emailing before 10am on the Tuesday before the scheduled committee meeting. The Ward Member should provide the description and planning reference number of the matter they intend to speak on.

Once a nominated speaker has been accepted by the Council (or a Ward Member has indicated their intention to speak at the meeting), they will be asked to provide a written statement of their representations. There is no obligation to provide such a statement. The written statement will be read out by a Council Officer in the event that technical issues prevent or interrupt a speaker's verbal representation during the meeting, though the Council reserves the right not to read the statement out if it contains offensive, derogatory or otherwise inappropriate language or comments.

Speakers will be given 4 minutes and written statements must be no longer than one side of A4 (maximum 500 words).

Applications to be considered at committee

Details of the applications being considered at a meeting of the Planning and Highways Committee, together with the reports on the application can be found on the agenda page for the committee.

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