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Action plan: what we are doing

Manchester is already tackling polluted air and working with partners and organisations across the city to drive improvements.

What we’ve done so far:

  • funding the free city centre bus, connecting transport hubs with work and shopping destinations
  • improved bus and cycle lanes along key commuter roads, creating safer cycle routes where cyclists are separated from traffic for the majority of the route
  • encouraged people to change their travel choices, to use public transport, walk or use their bikes more
  • improved traffic flow, and reduced the number of vehicles travelling along the Oxford Road Corridor
  • promoted clean air initiatives such as Clean Air Day and anti-idling campaigning with schools
  • encouraged schools to take part in transport-related initiatives and events such as Walk to School Week and Bike Week
  • introduced requirement for all major developments to consider air quality impacts and mitigate where necessary, including travel plans and electric vehicle charge points

What we’re working on:

  • developing Beelines to make it safer, easier and more appealing to walk and cycle in the city
  • more air quality awareness programmes to encourage people to take action against air pollution
  • improving traffic flow to reduce congestion and idling on key routes into the city
  • developing a new clean air plan for the city that aims to tackle the issues that contribute to poor air quality and impact on the health of our most vulnerable residents
  • considering introducing clean air zones across the city
  • working more with schools to support walking/cycling, anti-idling, and trialling ‘green screens’ around playgrounds
  • promoting the contribution of green infrastructure across the city
  • introducing tighter controls on taxi emissions.

We're also working on a Greater Manchester wide action plan.

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