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Ryebank Road, Chorlton

Manchester Metropolitan University’s (MMU) goals and aims for Ryebank Road were set out in their ‘draft development framework’ which we consulted on in 2017. The engagement activities also included public exhibitions held in venues across Chorlton.

After taking into account views of local residents and stakeholders, MMU and its consultant advisory team updated the development  framework. This has now been approved by the Council.

A development framework is set of guidelines for a site spelling out what sort of land uses would be acceptable and the design, layout and supporting infrastructure requirements. Now the Ryebank Road development framework has been adopted it is officially part of the planning process. Any future development proposal will have to be measured against these guidelines alongside other considerations.

The key concerns and issues that were raised as part of the consultation have been addressed, these include:

  • engaging with a local residents and a community housing group on developments
  • a single site-wide masterplan and planning application
  • vehicle access from the existing entrance on Ryebank Road/Longford Road (south), and another from Ryebank Road (north). The entrances will not be connected, so that no through traffic route is created
  • working with partners in finding ways to improve traffic flow along Longford Road accounting for morning drop off and afternoon pick up times
  • encouraging more sustainable choices, making sure there are connections to bus, tram and rail services. This will be achieved by:
    • adding more footpaths and cycle paths linking Ryebank Road to the North, Longford Road to the South and access into Longford Park
    • future streets are built to prioritise pedestrians and cyclists
    • a resident car parking zone across the site
    • helping to make cycling an everyday activity, which will include cycle parking and safe storage
    • aiming to integrate with the GMCA adopted Beelines scheme – Greater Manchester’s cycling and walking Infrastructure Proposal
  • 120 new homes to meet the needs of current and future residents. The homes will be a mix of 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses, and will include affordable housing
  • more green infrastructure by extending the character of Longford Park
  • use of sustainable urban drainage solutions
  • meet high levels of environmental sustainability making a contribution to our ambition to be a zero-carbon city by 2038
  • encourage healthy and sustainable activities

Visit Manchester Metropolitan University’s website for more information about the project

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