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When booking collections of large unwanted items please ensure that if anybody in the house has (or has had) symptoms of Coronavirus, you leave at least 72 hours between symptoms clearing and putting the large items out for collection. This is in line with government guidance about what to do with waste relating to Coronavirus.

Who we will collect from

We'll collect large items from your home address only. See what businesses should do.

We cannot collect from inside your property and items must be put as close to your bin collection point as possible. If you can't move items easily some local charities will collect for free. 

If you live in a managed building - your caretaker / building manager may be able to help.

The costs

  • You can have one free collection of up to three items, a year (April 1 – 31 March). We will only take the items you have told us about. However, with this collection we will remove an additional three items for £27
  • If you have already had a free collection, it is £27 for up to three items and £54 for up to six items.

If you have contaminated recycling bins, you can also get these emptied on this service. Just choose the correct colour recycling bin from the drop down list of items and our crews will empty the contents of the bin and return it. Each bin will be counted as one item.

Please make sure large items such as cupboards and fridges are empty (apart from their own fixtures).

We will only take the items you tell us about.

See things we cannot take before you continue.

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Was this page helpful?