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Plastics recycling - why can we only recycle plastic bottles

Plastics can cause confusion when recycling, but not if you follow the golden rule. If it's bottle-shaped then you can recycle it.  
It is very positive that you are keen to recycle more and have asked about plastics such as yoghurt pots and food trays. Unfortunately, our recycling plant is not currently able to process these materials. There are different types and grades of plastic that require different processes. For example, a yoghurt pot is made from a different type of plastic than bottles. As a yoghurt pot and a bottle melt at different temperatures, it means they cannot be recycled together. The range of plastics that can be recycled is driven by the manufacturers that make new products. There is much less demand for lower grade plastics. We are constantly reviewing the potential to increase the range of plastics recycled but the plant machinery investment required to deliver a broader range would not recover sufficient amounts of plastic to be viable in today's market.
What happens to my plastic tubs, pots and trays?
Your plastics pots, tubs and trays don't go to waste. Put them in your grey non-recyclable bin and they are turned into green electricity.

Order new, additional or bigger recycling bins


Several companies, such as TerraCycle can help you to recycle items that cannot currently be accepted in your recycling bins.

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