Manchester City Council

The Council & democracy State of the city report 2018

A highly skilled city

A highly skilled population to drive the city’s economic growth is a priority within the Our Manchester Strategy and the Work and Skills Strategy. Linked to this is the need to reduce the levels of dependency across the city and ensure that everyone has equal opportunity to benefit from the city’s economic growth. The ambition is to achieve this through the creation of jobs that are accessible to all Manchester residents, reducing the number of people who are out of work.

The devolution of the Adult Education Skills Budget will enable us to respond to these challenges more effectively by developing different ways of working with our partners and different approaches to public service reform, welfare reform and skills to ensure all of Manchester’s residents can enjoy the benefits of economic success.

A challenge remains to connect our residents to the benefits of the city’s growth. Our schools have made significant strides in closing the gap to the national average in Attainment 8. However the Ofsted ratings of Manchester’s secondary schools lags behind, suggesting that driving up the quality of the city’s secondary schools could be key to further closing the gap. The Council is working in partnership with school leaders and Multi Academy Trusts to improve secondary school outcomes in the city.

In addition, a cohort of the city’s 50-64 year olds remain disconnected from the city’s growth and experience lower skill levels, greater dependency on out of work benefits and are more likely to experience ill health. The Council and Manchester Health and Care Commissioning are working together with employers, employment support providers and Manchester residents to address gaps in skills and raise economic participation in the over 50s.

Agencies are working together with employers to ensure that everyone is paid at least a Real Living Wage and to encourage a work placement for every young person. Apprenticeships will continue to be promoted, particularly in sectors where there are skill shortages and where there are opportunities to connect more Manchester residents to better skilled employment.

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