Manchester City Council

The Council & democracy State of the city report 2018

A liveable and low carbon city

The Our Manchester strategy sets out a clear ambition for Manchester to become a liveable and low carbon city by playing a full part in limiting the impacts of climate change. Other environmental factors also remain a priority for the city, such as improving air quality, increasing recycling and making sure our streets are clean and litter free.

A liveable city is more than this. Public services are also focused on all the facilities provided to create a city and neighbourhoods where people want to live. Agencies are working together to address our housing issues by developing affordable, diverse good quality housing to rent or buy that is well designed, sustainable and energy efficient.

The Council is working together with partners and communities to reduce the amount of crime and antisocial behaviour in the city to provide safe, clean, attractive and cohesive neighbourhoods. Better quality parks and green spaces are being provided, and investment in libraries, culture, sports and events is benefitting and increasing the city's international attractiveness.

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