Manchester City Council

The Council & democracy State of the city report 2018

A connected city

Connectivity is a vital feature of successful cities. Strong connections across and beyond Manchester ensure that people are able to fully access all the opportunities the city can offer.

Manchester’s transport network has a significant impact on those who live and work in the city. Continued improvements to our transport system will support our ambitions to boost the economic performance and environmental wellbeing of the city as a whole. An integrated, attractive and affordable transport network is needed to enable residents to access jobs and improve their health through increasing levels of active travel. A five-year investment plan sets out how £80million investment will lead to an improvement in the condition of the city’s roads and footways, with 60% of the road network expected to be in good condition by 2022.

Improving Manchester’s connectivity, across the city region, the UK and internationally, will make the city an increasingly attractive place for people to live, for businesses to invest and for visitors.

Maintaining and enhancing Manchester’s digital infrastructure to ensure high levels of connectivity is critical to sustaining the city’s ambition to be a leading international city. Fast and reliable digital connectivity is needed not only to support and underpin growth across all sectors of the economy, but also to address socio-economic problems, transform public services and promote social inclusion.

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