The Council and democracy Intelligence Hub

What is the Intelligence Hub?

The intelligence hub is an interactive tool providing local information about Manchester across a range of themes including employment, education, crime and  the economy.

The data is presented in a variety of formats, including on a map and chart, to help you to understand the data. You can interact with the tool and compare two datasets together, and explore the data at different levels of geography.

For some datasets trend data is available which can help us to track how an area is changing over time. This can be really helpful in identifying where we should be directing resources, or assessing whether an initiative is working.

How can the data be used?

Datasets published on the intelligence hub have been gathered from a number of sources, and are all 'open data' meaning that they can be used freely in your own research. If you quote any of the sources in any reports or publications you should ensure that the sources are referenced.

The maps used within the site are supplied by the Ordnance Survey under licence to Manchester City Council. This data is published solely for the purpose of providing a backdrop to Council information. Anyone wishing to use Ordnance Survey mapping for their own purposes must make their own arrangements with Ordnance Survey for supply and licensing of this data.


Every effort has been made to meet the needs of computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility. Due to the high graphical nature of this site, the geographical information cannot always be presented in an accessible format. If you require any assistance in accessing data please email the Public Intelligence Team at


We would love to hear how you are using the Intelligence Hub to support your work. Equally we are keen to keep developing the hub, so please let us know if you can't find the data you are looking for, or have any ideas for how we can continue to develop the intelligence please let us know.

You can contact the team at

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Was this page helpful?