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The Council & democracy Our commitment to Social Value in spending

Social Value is about making sure that the Council’s spending with suppliers has the maximum positive impact for Manchester people.

It is about making sure that as much as possible is spent within Manchester and that council contracts support Manchester people through creating employment, skills training and other opportunities.

The proportion of our spending with our top 300 suppliers which now goes to city-based organisations has increased from around 50% in 2008/09, to 71% now – a total of £307m. Much of this money is then spent right here in the city on local employees and with other suppliers. We've been hailed as a trailblazing council in progressive procurement and capturing local benefits from council spending by the Centre for Local Economic Studies.

In 2015, the Council demonstrated this real commitment by giving social value considerations a 20% weighting when assessing who to give contracts to.

Businesses bidding for all Council contracts are now asked to show how they will offer residents social value in kind – which could be anything from work placements for high school pupils, to agreeing to take on apprenticeships in the case of something like a large construction scheme.

For example, the Our Town Hall project – which is repairing, restoring and partially refurbishing the iconic building – has pledged to create 150 apprenticeships and 45 new jobs targeted at Manchester residents, a range of career-related activities with schools, colleges and universities, and 10,000 volunteer hours for voluntary and community projects.

Businesses are also adding social value by promoting environmental sustainability – by reducing waste, limiting energy consumption, or buying materials from sustainable sources – to protect our physical environment and contribute to climate change reduction.

See a video of Cllr Ollerhead's interview about our commitment to Social Value in spending.

Our approach to social value in procurement is informed by, and follows, the GMCA social value policy 2014.

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