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What we are doing ?

We work with and encourage our suppliers to change the way they work to deliver social and environmental value. The direct and indirect impacts have included increased job creation and spend in local areas, as well as increased engagement with community initiatives. Highlights of this work include:

Key findings (2018/19):

  • In 2018/19 Manchester City Council spent £461 million with its top 300 suppliers.
  • Roughly 50.5% of these contracts were with small and medium-sized enterprises
  • The proportion of spend with Manchester-based organisations has increased from 51.5% in 2008/09 to 69.9% in 2018/19.
  • This represents an increase in spend in the Manchester economy of £138m.
  • 80% of responding suppliers paid all staff an hourly rate in excess of the Living Wage

In addition to the direct benefits, the core findings from the 2018/19 social value survey of the top 300 suppliers to Manchester City Council, revealed that they created:

  • 55% of organisations actively provided support to the voluntary and community sectors;
  • An estimated 561 apprenticeships in Manchester
  • An estimated 1,579  jobs in Manchester;
  • An estimated 33,531 hours of direct voluntary work supplied by business 
  • With another further 26,882  estimated hours of voluntary work supported
  • Nearly £107 million was put back into the Manchester economy from suppliers

Cllr Carl Ollerhead, Executive Member for Finance and Human Resources, talks about Social Value, and what it means for the city:

I just want to quickly let you know about some exciting new numbers showing just how much value Manchester’s residents and communities now get back from council spending on the goods and services, building and improvement projects that keep our city running – and growing. 

That spending amounted to £460-plus million pounds with our top 300 suppliers last year.

And I’m at an event here today that will showcase and build on how we make sure that our spending brings more than just ‘value for money’ – how, last year, it also brought social and environmental benefits worth another £107million on top.

Because we now insist that to do business with Manchester, our suppliers must put something back. And they have. Last year, our suppliers created:

  • Over fifteen hundred jobs.
  • Over 500 apprenticeships. 
  • Nearly 27,000 hours of volunteering and supporting Greater Manchester communities; and 
  • Over seven-and-a-half-thousand employment chances for our region’s most in need, setting them and their families on course for independence.

So please stay with us today as we share some of the stories behind Manchester’s powerful “Social Value revolution”. 


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