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Parking Blue badge - disabled parking permits

If your badge is lost or stolen

Stolen Badges

If your badge is stolen you must report it to the police as soon as possible using the 101 non-emergency number.  They will give you a reference number. To get a replacement badge you need to send this reference to us, along with a recently-taken passport-style photograph with your name on the back. We will also need you to send us a certified copy of:

•    your passport, or
•    driving licence; or
•    birth/adoption, marriage/divorce or civil partnership/dissolution certificate.

What is a certified document?

This is a photocopy of your document which has been verified as being true by someone who holds a certain position of responsibility.  This can be:

•    a member of the clergy (including Mosques and Temples)
•    a general practitioner or health care professional
•    a consultant or registered therapist who is giving you treatment
•    a member of the police force
•    a legal practitioner
•    teacher/lecturer
•    social worker
•    Justice of the Peace (JP)
•    Local Councillor/MP
•    your bank manager; or
•    an active or retired  person

They should write, “This copy is a true likeness of the original”, sign and print their name and print their occupation.

Lost Badges

If your badge is lost, you should report it using the Report My Loss website, which is affiliated to the police and insurance companies. 

You should then contact us for a replacement.  There is a re-issue charge of £10, and the replacement badge will be provided. It will cover the period up to the expiry date of the original badge. 

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