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Service records

We don't hold any army service records.


Pre 1914 and First World War service records are held by the National Archives, but as many as 60 per cent of First World War records were destroyed by bombing in 1940.

The National Archives are making surviving British Army Service Records (WO 363) and British Army Pension Records (WO 364) available on Ancestry. These records include:

  • age
  • occupation
  • marital details
  • children
  • date of joining
  • birthplace
  • physical details
  • postings
  • promotions
  • medals (where served)
  • wounds

Commissioned Officers are not included.

First World War Service Medal and Award Rolls are also available on Ancestry. The rolls are particularly helpful because they include not only a soldier's last unit, but often previous units.

The Manchester Regiment Archives are held at Tameside Local Studies Library.

We hold copies of the Manchester Regiment Gazette 1913-1958 (Local Studies 356 M5) and several books on the history of the regiment.

Our Local images collection also contains some photographs relating to the regiment.


The Army List (355A1) and the Navy List (359N1) of commissioned officers are produced monthly giving names and ranks of active officers. They can be viewed on the first floor of Central Library (periodical shelves). You don't need an appointment.

The Gazette gives details of officer appointments and promotions.

Medals and Honours

The Gazette lists medal awards (except for the Military Medal) and usually gives the citation.

Campaign medal records cards for the First World War can be searched at the National Archives or on Ancestry.

These published sources of Distinguished Conduct Medal 1914 to 1920 citations are held at Central Library. To see them, note the reference number and book an appointment.

  • Cheshire Regiment q355.134Ch/q355.134Ch(221)
  • East Lancashire Regiment q355.134Ea(222)
  • Lancashire Fusiliers 355.134La/q355.135La(220)
  • Manchester Regiment 355.134Ma/q355.134Ma(223)
  • For Valour: VCs of the King’s and Manchester Regiment 355.1342Fo/ 355.1342Fo(036)

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