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Annual canvass

Keeping the electoral register updated

Every year, the details on the electoral register must be checked; this process is called the Annual Canvass. If any residents are not already registered, we can encourage them to do so and avoid missing their chance to vote.

During August and September every Manchester household will receive a canvass form or a confirmation letter in the post, detailing all the people currently registered to vote at that address. Last year the government made some changes to the canvass process and now you only have to respond if you are told to do so, or if there are any amendments or additions to be made to the information provided.

When you receive your letter, check it carefully to see if you need to respond or not. If there are changes you must let us know. If you don't tell us of changes you could be fined £1,000.

It's important that you respond as soon as possible; ideally we would not need to send a further reminder form. Your quick reply also means we don't have to send an Inspector or telephone your property to gather this information. 

How to respond with changes or additions

You can provide this information by: 

To use the online, telephone or text services, you must have your security codes to hand. They will be printed on the letter/form. 

Every household should receive either a form or a letter: if no one in the household recalls receiving one by the end of August call 0161 234 1212 or email us at so we can help resolve this.

Lost form?

If you do not have your form to hand, have lost it, or have any further questions call us on 0161 234 1212 or email us at

Adding someone's name

Adding a name to the canvass form or confirmation letter is only half of the process. The individual must also either register to vote online or complete an Invitation to Register form which will be sent to them after you have provided us with their details.

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