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Household Enquiry Form

Household Visits by Council Inspectors

Council Inspectors will be calling at all properties where we have not had a response to the either the Household Enquiry Form or an Invitation to Register.  Visits will take place between the end of September and November.

The purpose of these visits is to assist householders to complete their forms. If you have been left with a calling card because you were not in when the Inspector visited, please follow the instructions on the card or on the relevant web page. The card should inform you of which type of form it is we have not received back yet.

All Council Inspectors will carry a photo identity card which they will show when they are explaining the reason for their visit.   

If you have any queries or require any further information please call our helpline on 0161 234 1212.

Household Enquiry Form

Every household in the city has been sent a Household Enquiry Form (HEF) called 'Who is Eligible to Vote'.  By law we must write to every household in the city.  We use this to check our records and to ensure that anyone eligible to vote is registered to vote. From the information we receive back from the HEF, we send any person who isn't currently registered to vote an invitation to register form.  By law you must respond to this HEF form and provide the information requested; if you don't you could be fined £1000.

Although you may have recently voted in the recent Local Government Elections on the 3 May 2018, you are still required to respond to this form.

You can provide this information online or use the telephone or text services instead of posting the paper form to us. 

You must have your security codes to hand to use these services.  Your security codes can be found on either the front page or in the top right of page 2 of your Household Enquiry form.

What you need to do

No Changes:  If all the information on the Household Enquiry form is correct please confirm this at:

  • or
  • by phone 0800 197 9871 or
  • text NOCHANGE  followed by your security codes to 80212.  (If nobody is eligible to vote include a reason after your security code e.g. empty, business, 2nd home, none, other).

Changes:  If you need to make any changes you can do this at:

If you do not have your form to hand,  have lost it or have any further questions please contact us on 0161 234 1212.

Adding a name to a HEF form does not register that individual on the electoral register, they must also either register to vote online or complete an Invitation to Register form, please find below further information about this stage of the process.

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