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General information:
In urban areas squirrels can gain access to roof spaces via building defects and cause damage to roof timbers, electrical wiring and plumbing. If this is the case , it is important to block or seal these entry points.

Treatment of Squirrels:
Please note: we can only treats squirrels that are inside your property. The present legislation does not allow squirrels to be poisoned, the treatment will consist of baiting in a metal trap.

We will place one or more metal traps containing peanuts that will humanely kill the squirrel immediately on its entry into the trap. Once trapped and killed the technician on notification will return and dispose of the squirrel.

With regards to manual traps please ensure that you inform any person/workman who may enter the loft area that there is a ‘set’ manual trap. Under no circumstances should children or pets have access to the location where the trap is situated.

We will give you advice, regarding proofing entry and exit points in your property so squirrels cannot return.

If you have a problem with squirrels, we can help.

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Was this page helpful?