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A microchip is a tiny pellet that is painlessly injected near the shoulders. A dog that is microchipped with a unique identification number can be returned home if lost or found. Only an authorised person can check details on the microchip database.

FREE microchipping being offered from Dogs Trust - to make an appointment visit http://www.chipmydog.org.uk/ for details of your nearest participating vet. It will soon be legal for all dogs to be chipped - so don't miss out get your dog chipped today!

Updating your dog's microchip

If you move or change your telephone number it is important to tell the microchip company so they can update their records.

If your dog is sold or given to a new owner, you will also need to arrange for the details on your dog's microchip to be changed. Contact the vet or organisation that inserted the chip to update the details, there may be a charge for this.

If you don't recall who treated your dog then the dog should be scanned to check the details. Any vet or Animal Welfare officer can do this for you.

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