Libraries Youth Buzz Awards


Highly Skilled Young People 

  • Young Mentor Award, an inspirational young person involved in the social education and peer support of others. They inspire others to learn, grow and develop new skills. They have identified a problem, improved the situation, and created solutions to break down traditional barriers to be inclusive, inspiring, and make a difference to the lives of others.
  • Young Achiever Award, recognises the success of a young person and celebrates the outstanding contribution and self belief they have made in all aspects of life. They have overcome adversity or social barriers to excel and achieve in either personal, social or academic circumstances. And have improved their quality of life and can demonstrate a positive outlook to move forward.

Progressive,  Resilient and Healthy

  • Making a Difference Award, an individual or a group that can show positive examples, skills, initiative and organisation on how they worked hard to achieve significant, positive and lasting change in the lives of young people.
  • Youth Project of the Year Award, a youth project which has shown positive examples of inclusivity and diversity, a place which creates a warm and welcoming environment, and meets the needs of young people who attend. Young people are involved in making decisions about the project.

Living Well & Safe

  • Community Champion Award, a young person or a group that has taken action, stood up to be counted, and raised the profile of their community through their organisation, skills and hard work. They can show positive examples of how their actions have improved the lives of young people and/or their community.
  • Best Social Action Group Award, a group who have shown examples of positive social action. They will have worked together to make a difference within their local community and/or addressed a societal issue which has contributed to improving the quality of life for local residents or groups. 

Connected and Heard

  • Young Volunteer Award, a young person who has demonstrated responsibility and accountability, and taken pride in their volunteering to make a real difference to people and their communities. 
  • Most Effective Youth Voice or Campaign Award, the most effective Youth Voice Group, Council or Forum who have shown positive examples of how they have developed or represented the voices of young people to positively influence decision-making processes and change. Or a Campaign by a group or an individual, which demonstrates the positive difference which has been made to the lives of young people. 

Thriving Young People

  • Young Leader Award, a young person who demonstrates exceptional leadership who have through their passion, commitment and motivation inspired other young people and those around them.
  • Outstanding Achievement by a Young Person Award, a young person who, by their hard work, dedication and example, has gone the extra mile to represent themselves and the views of young people across Manchester. They excel in their ability to show foresight, empathy and have a keen desire to positively influence the decision making processes and actions which affect young people. 
Nominations are now closed.

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