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Manchester Climate Change Agency

The Manchester Climate Change Agency was established in 2015 and is responsible for overseeing and promoting climate change action in the city. The Manchester Climate Change Partnership was established in 2018 and builds on the work of the MACF Steering Group, which was in place from 2010 - 2017. 

The Agency advocates that everyone in the city has their part to play and its successful delivery will rely on us all working together. It's not just about us and statutory public agencies; local communities, residents and the business community all have an integral part to play, and many of them have helped in the production of this plan.

On behalf of the city, Manchester Climate Change Agency have worked with the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at Manchester University to establish science based climate change targets for the city. In November 2018 Manchester committed to the following targets in relation to our 'direct' CO2 emissions i.e. the emissions from our buildings and transport:

  • Emit only 15 million tonnes CO2 during 2018-2100 – our ‘carbon budget’
  • Reduce emissions by at least 13% year-on-year
  • Become a zero-carbon city by 2038, at the latest 

These targets were set based on the COP 21 Paris Agreement. The targets were formally adopted by Manchester City Council in November 2018. They were part of the 'Playing Our Full Part' proposal to the City Council from Manchester Climate Change Agency. 

The proposal also identified the need for Manchester to take action on its 'indirect' / 'consumption-based emissions' and the emissions from flights from Manchester Airport, as part of national and international action. However, specific objectives and targets weren't included as part of the Tyndall Centre analysis or Playing Our Full Part proposal in 2018.

In March 2020 the Manchester Climate Change Agency and Partnership launched Manchester Climate Change Framework 2020-25; the city's high-level strategy for meeting our climate change objectives and targets. 

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