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Greater Manchester 5 Year Environment Plan 2019-24

In 2019 Greater Manchester set out its first 5 year environment plan. The plan sets out the long-term environmental vision – to be carbon neutral by 2038 – and the urgent actions we all need to take in the next 5 years to help achieve this.

Greater Manchester aims to be a clean, carbon neutral, climate resilient city region with a thriving natural environment and a circular, zero-waste economy where: 

  • Infrastructure will be smart and fit for the future: we will have an integrated, clean and affordable public transport system, resource efficient buildings, greater local community renewable energy, cleaner air, water and greenspace for all.
  • All citizens will have access to green space in every community, more trees including in urban areas, active travel networks, environmental education and healthy and locally-produced food. 
  • Citizens and businesses will adopt sustainable living and businesses practices, focusing on local solutions to deliver a prosperous economy.

View the Greater Manchester 5 year environment plan

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