Planning and regeneration Manchester Science Park Strategic Regeneration Framework Update: August 2018

What it’s about:

At the November 2018 Executive, we approved in principle an updated Strategic Regeneration Framework to help guide the regeneration of the Manchester Science Park. The Executive requested that the Chief Executive undertake a public consultation exercise with local stakeholders on this document, and report the outcome to the Executive in due course.

How it will be achieved:

This public consultation will begin on 22 March 2019. We would welcome your comments on this document and the impact this proposal would have on yourself. Your response can be sent by email to: or by post to:

City Centre Regeneration Team, PO Box 532, Manchester City Council Town Hall. Manchester M60 2LA

All comments from people wishing to take part in this public consultation must be received by 3 May 2019, so that they can be included in a report to the Executive on the outcome of the public consultation. Please include your post code when responding. 


Manchester Science Park (MSP) is a strategic employment area on the Oxford Road Corridor. The Oxford Road Corridor covers a 243-hectare area, running south from St Peter’s Square to Whitworth Park along Oxford Road.

A Strategic Regeneration Framework was endorsed in 2014, and since this time MSP has taken significant strides towards becoming a leading global urban science park. The draft updated SRF responds to the need to consider how MSP can be further enhanced as a key interface between science, research, academia and business. The scarcity of developable land make it imperative to optimise MSP’s existing buildings through redevelopment or remodelling, in order to deliver the identified growth strategy, meet market demand, and continue to drive economic output in key knowledge sectors.

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