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Planning & regeneration Public Consultation - The Christie: draft addendum to Strategic Planning Framework

What it is about

At the March 2019 Executive, Manchester City Council approved in principle an addendum to the Christie Strategic Planning Framework to help guide the development of the Paterson site. The Councils Executive requested that public consultation is undertaken with local stakeholders, with the outcome reported back to them in due course.

How it will be achieved

We are committed to consulting on the future of the Paterson site and we are grateful to receive any feedback on this draft document.

We would welcome your comments on the document and the impact the proposal would have. Your response can be sent by email to: or by post to: 

Planning, Building Control & Licensing 
Strategic Development Directorate 
Manchester City Council 
PO Box 532 
Town Hall Extension 
Albert Square Manchester 
M60 2LA 

Please ensure your comments are received by 16 May 2019, so that they can be included in a report to the Executive on the outcome of the consultation. Please include your post code and document title when responding. 


This Addendum will enable us to start the discussion around the future redevelopment of the Paterson site with stakeholders and the community.

While the new research centre will offer substantial and wide-ranging benefits, we understand that this new development has the potential to impact residents and the community. 

See the SRF document

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