Schools, education and childcare Newly qualified teacher (NQT) induction support and talent pool

All teachers who hold qualified teacher status (QTS) must, by law, complete statutory NQT induction satisfactorily to continue teaching without restrictions in England.

As an appropriate body for induction in Manchester schools and colleges, we have the main quality assurance role within the induction process, and must provide support and monitoring to more than 400 NQTs each year. 

We are also responsible for making the final decision on the outcome of induction.

NQT induction support

If you are an NQT employed within the boundary of Manchester City Council, visit our induction support site for your induction guidance, which outlines what to expect, what is expected of you and who to contact if things seem to be going wrong.

All NQTs must be registered for induction by the relevant person at the school or college. This should be the headteacher, principal, induction tutor or coordinator. Registration is a legal requirement. If an NQT is not registered for induction, legally they are not on induction and induction cannot be backdated. 

If you are an NQT and you’re not sure if you have been registered for induction, talk to your school or college.

Important information regarding the Early Career Framework (ECF)

Early rollout of the Early Career Framework (ECF) will start this September 2020 for those schools who have opted-in with any one of the four ECF providers. It is important to note that the ECF is separate to and will not replace statutory induction during early rollout or when it is fully rolled out nationally in September 2021.
Statutory requirements for induction will remain in place, meaning NQTs must still be registered for induction with the appropriate body for induction and support, monitoring and assessment procedures will remain a requirement. ECF providers are not and cannot be appropriate bodies for induction and the ECF should not be used as an assessment framework, NQTs must still be assessed against the government teaching standards.

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