Benefits and support Extra help with your council tax bill

Extra Council Tax support for COVID-19 related hardship

Lots of people still face financial hardship due to COVID-19 so we are extending support to help through the Local Hardship Fund.

If you're working-age and receive Council Tax Support in 2021/22 you'll also receive a hardship credit of up to £150 towards your 2021/22 council tax bill. This may reduce if your council tax account ends during the 2021/22 council tax year, such as if you move out of the area.

If you pay by Direct Debit, you do not need to do anything - we will adjust the payments we take from your bank.

If you owe council tax from previous years, you should continue with any arrangement in place. 

If this payment results in a credit on your account, it will either be used to pay off arrears from previous years, or will be deducted from next year's bill (as long as your circumstances stay the same). You are entitled to ask for a refund - go to to request it.

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Was this page helpful?