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Register a death that happened in Manchester

Manchester Register Office is closed to the public and all death/still birth registrations are being done by telephone. 

A death should normally be registered within 5 days unless the Coroner is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. (There is a different process to obtain a death certificate after an inquest)  If it is not possible to book an appointment to register within 5 days of the death you should book the earliest appointment you can. 

Who should register the death? 

Currently all death/still birth registrations will be done by telephone. If a family member is unable to register the death over the telephone, they can appoint their funeral director to register the death instead, although it is generally preferable if a family member does register the death.

If the family's appointed funeral director is to register the death, they must be able to provide all of the personal details, relating to the deceased, required for the registration.

If there isn’t a relative that is able to register the death, the person that is making the funeral arrangements may register the death, or as an alternative, somebody who was present at the time of the death; or the occupier, matron or owner of a nursing home or the hospital administrator of the premises where the death occurred. 

Booking an appointment 

It is essential that you only book an appointment once the doctor or hospital have confirmed that they have emailed the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to the register office, or the Coroners Office has confirmed that the coroners paperwork has been issued to us. Without this crucial documentation we will not be able to register the death. 

To arrange an appointment for a registrar to call you, to complete a death registration, please book an appointment online.

If you require help booking the appointment online please ask your funeral director to do this on your behalf.

Information about arrangements if you need to organise a burial within 24 hours of death.

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death 

The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death is issued by a doctor to the register office and is required for a death to be registered. If you or another family member is given the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD) by the doctor or surgery it must be returned to the surgery immediately. Under current guidelines the MCCD must be emailed directly from a doctor or surgery to the register office and must not be given out to the informant that will registering the death. We cannot accept an email scan of the MCCD from anybody other than the doctor or surgery that issued it. 

What information will I need to register the death? 

To help to make sure that you have all the required information available when the registrar phones you, and to help the registrar make sure that the details are recorded accurately, it would be helpful if you download and complete the Information form and have it ready for the registrar when they phone. However, this is not essential and you will still be able to complete the registration without it. 

Registering a Stillbirth 

If you need to register a stillbirth please do not attempt to do so by booking an appointment online. Instead, please send an email to and include your name, contact telephone number and the date and place of stillbirth. A registrar will then contact you as soon as possible.  

Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once is an optional free service that lets you report a death to most government organisations and council departments in one go.  Once you have completed the death registration over the phone the registrar will issue you with a Tell-Us-Once reference which will allow you to access this service. 

When you register a death with us, the registrar will ask you if you want to use this service.  Find out more about Tell Us Once.


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