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Register a death that happened in Manchester

Manchester Register Office is now closed to the public and all death/still birth registrations will be done by telephone. 

If a family member is unable to register the death over the telephone they can appoint their funeral director to register the death instead, although it is generally preferable if a family member does register the death. If the family's appointed funeral director is to register the death they must be able to provide all of the personal details relating to the deceased required for the registration.

You can register a death if you are:

  • a relative of the deceased;

or, if there are no relatives,

  • the person arranging the funeral; or
  • someone who was present at the death; or
  • the occupier, matron or owner of a nursing home or the hospital administrator of the premises where the death occurred

Information on how to book your appointment can be found at the bottom of this page.

What you need to bring to your appointment

When you attend your appointment, you must have a medical certificate of cause of death issued by the doctor or hospital. You'll also need to know their full name as well as the place and date of death.

It would also be helpful if you could tell the registrar:

  • any names previously used, eg maiden name
  • the person’s date and place of birth
  • their last address
  • their occupation
  • the full name, date of birth and occupation of a surviving or late spouse or civil partner
  • whether they were getting a State Pension or any other benefits

You should also take supporting documents that show your name and address (eg passport, driving licence, utility bill) and the deceased's name and address, but you can still register a death without them. The registrar will use these documents to improve the quality of the information recorded in the registration.

You will be asked to sign, to confirm that the information recorded is correct. Please ensure that you check the entry carefully, before signing, as once you have signed, any mistakes can only be corrected if you pay a significant fee.

Buying death certificates

There is no 'original' certificate. If you need certified copies of the register entry, to deal with the estate of the deceased, you can buy them from the registrar for £11 each, at the time of registration.

If you don't buy enough certificates at the time you register, you can still buy further copies at a later date.

Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once is an optional free service that lets you report a death to most government organisations and council departments in one go.  

When you register a death with us, the registrar will ask you if you want to use this service.  Find out more about Tell Us Once.

Booking your appointment.

The option to book an appointment online is not currently available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Please phone us instead.

Call us on 0161 234 5005, 9am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

If you have difficulty getting through on the phone, please email us at:

In your email, tell us what you are trying to contact us about, and include a daytime phone number on which we can contact you if necessary.

Organising a burial within 24 hours of death

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