Planning and regeneration How COVID-19 will affect planning

Government has asked that Councils do what they can to ensure the planning process can continue as far as is possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.

It is important to consider people are spending more time at home and working from their home at this time. It is therefore necessary to balance their comfort and safety in their homes against the desire to ensure that necessary construction work can continue to support the economy.

This means we may ask you for;

  • noise or other monitoring to show evidence that the impact of the extended hours on neighbours is not unreasonable
  • A communications plan - to  inform nearby residents of the working hours,specific tasks, specifically those that would generate noise.

Enforcement will continue to take place where complaints are received about non-compliance, where noise or other nuisances from building works are considered to be causing material interference with the use or enjoyment of neighbouring properties. This could include restricting hours of work. 

For further advice please email

Following the national lockdown earlier this year, the standard planning committee meetings have had to be cancelled in response to social distancing regulations and a small number of planning applications have been determined during this period under emergency delegated powers by the Chief Executive in collaboration with the Director of Planning, alongside the Chair and Deputy Chair of the planning committee. You can find details of the applications that were determined under emergency powers here.

Committee meetings

We will now host our Planning & Highways Committee meetings virtually until further notice. Public and Ward Member participation at virtual meetings of the Planning Committee will operate slightly differently to in-person meetings. You can see further details about the arrangements for the virtual committee meetings on our commenting on planning applications page.

Representations from the public can still be submitted and they will be considered as part of the normal planning process.

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