Roads and transport Bollards

Fixed, removable, automatic and lit bollards

We are responsible for maintaining fixed, removable, automatic and lit bollards on council land including public open spaces, parks and highway.

Automatic bollards access control system utilises Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology.

In exceptional circumstances out of hours access can be requested, an administration fee is charged for out of hours access.

Not all applications will be successful.

Working permits

A working permit will be needed for scaffolding, hoarding, skips, mobile elevated platforms, cranes, utility works or building works during access at restricted times.
You’ll need your working permit before you apply for access to bollards. We will ask for your permit number.

There is a £64 administration charge for processing requests for access to streets restricted by automatic bollards within the City Centre, outside of the prescribed times. 

If you would like to confirm what images have been captured by the ANPR access control system, you can submit a subject access request 

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Was this page helpful?