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Changes to City Centre auto-bollards

The new automatic bollards access control system will be rolled out across the city centre in early 2021. This will require all vehicles to be registered to enter all areas that are restricted by automatic bollards for allowable hours of access as determined by the Traffic Regulation Order as well as for any  applications for exceptional out of hours access.

Unless a vehicle has been registered for Allowable Access and a pin code has been issued, a vehicle will not be able to enter that restricted area.

Applications for Allowable access will be automatically processed and authorised. A unique pin code for each vehicle will be sent to the applicant.

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology will confirm the vehicle registration details with the access control system database, the pin code entered on the entry bollard keypad will be verified as a match to the vehicle registration details. If both are matched the bollards will lower and a vehicle can enter the restricted area.
An application process will be added to the website later this year.

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