Schools, education and childcare Apply for a year 7 secondary place for September 2021

If you don't get the place you want

We'll tell you which school you are offered in March 2020. We'll also tell you how to appeal if you don't agree with your offer.

There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a place in the school you put first. But if you put other schools, and they have places, we’ll offer your child a place at one of those and put you on the waiting lists for your top preferences.

If you don’t get any of your preferences, we’ll offer you the nearest school with places and put you on the waiting lists for all your preferences.

Waiting lists

If a school fills all its places, it keeps a waiting list of children who didn't get a place. Your position on the list changes as children take up places at other schools, move in to Manchester, or move away.

Find out how waiting lists work.

Appeal against a decision

If you think there are special reasons why your child should go to a particular school, you can appeal against the admissions decision.

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Was this page helpful?