The Council and democracy Changes to Sure Start centres: what this means for your local children’s centres across the 12 new areas

Didsbury East, Didsbury West, Burnage and Chorlton Park

There are currently five Children’s Centres in this area, these are:

  • Didsbury Park (East)
  • Didsbury West
  • Burnage
  • Chorlton Park (Darley Avenue)
  • Chorlton Nell Lane

The proposed changes would mean that two of these centres would work together, sharing management and leadership, to ensure all current services continue to be delivered across the area.

We are proposing to stop delivering Sure Start services at the Didsbury Park (East), Didsbury West and Chorlton Nell Lane centres as these are in an area with lower levels of need and there are a number of other centres accessible in the area.

Looking at a range of indicators related to social and health circumstances such as income, worklessness, levels of achievement and childhood obesity it has been estimated that fewer households in Didsbury East, Didsbury West and Chorlton Park require support to help them to manage their own health, well being and development.

We would work with the local schools, childcare providers and community and voluntary groups to facilitate activities for young children from these buildings.

Within the immediate area Burnage and Chorlton Darley Avenue Children Centres would continue to deliver services. Residents would also be able to access Old Moat Children's Centre.

This consultation closed on Tuesday 10 January 2017

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