The Council and democracy The draft budget proposals 2017-20

Council offices and buildings

Review use of Council offices and buildings, saving £250,000 in 2018/19. We would improve Council offices and buildings to support services better, stop using those that are no longer useful, and share buildings with partners.

What people said when we asked about this between 3 November and 15 December 2016

People said:

Agreement was high with this option with ninety-two percent strongly agreeing or agreeing because of greater efficiency. The main reason for disagreeing was the lack of information to base a decision on. Fifty-four percent of people said this would have a positive impact with thirty-seven percent saying it would not impact them. Nine percent said this would have a negative impact on them or their community.

We said:

This is now a budget proposal.

Consultation on our proposed budget closed on 10 February 2017. We listened hard and considered all responses before finally setting our budget at our council meeting on 3 March.

Thanks to the thousands who joined the conversation.

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