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Apply for or cancel a postal vote


Anyone who is registered to vote in Manchester can apply to vote by post.

  • You can apply for a postal vote for one election, a set period of time, or permanently (for a permanent postal vote you must refresh your signature every five years -  we will contact you when it is time to do this.)
  • We need both your actual signature (not electronic signature) and your date of birth on your application; these will be matched against the information you provide on your postal voting statement when you return your postal vote.

Download a postal vote application form and email your completed form (as an attachment) to or send it by post to:

Electoral Registration Officer
Electoral Services Unit
Manchester City Council
Lawton Street
Manchester M11 2EZ

You cannot deliver your form in person to this address.

The legal deadline for the Electoral Registration Officer to receive your completed postal vote application for 6 May elections was 5pm on 20 April. If we do not receive your application by this deadline, it will not be processed for this election.

Help with your postal vote application

Postal vote application forms must be signed. If you’re unable to, you may be eligible for a signature waiver. Contact the Electoral Services Unit about this by email to or call 0161 234 1212.

Cancel your postal vote

If you don't want to vote by post any more, complete our form to cancel your postal vote.


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