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The majority of people stand as a councillor as a member of a political party. However, it is also possible to stand for election as an independent candidate (these are people who do not belong to any political party).


To stand for election as a councillor for Manchester City Council, you must:

  • Be 18 years old or over on the day of your nomination
  • Be a British citizen, an EU citizen, or a Commonwealth citizen
  • Be registered to vote in and/or have either lived or worked in the Manchester City Council area for at least one year

Further information about the qualification and disqualification requirements is set out in the Electoral Commission’s guidance.

Standing as a member of a political party

If you are thinking of standing as a candidate for a political party, then you should contact that particular party to discuss their requirements for standing.

Standing as an independent candidate

If you have questions about standing as an independent candidate, the Local Government Association Independent Group may be able to assist you.

Expressing an interest in standing

If you would like to stand for election in Manchester at please contact us at or on 0161 234 3796 to register your interest.  

Nomination process

In order to stand for election, you must submit a set of valid nomination papers. You will need to find two people, one to propose you (a nomination) and the other to second the nomination. You will also need to find a further eight people to act as assentors to your nomination (i.e. they agree that you will be a suitable candidate and are prepared to sign a document to confirm this). All these people need to be on the electoral register in the relevant ward.

If you want to stand as a candidate for a political party you will be required to submit a certificate of authorisation, which allows you to use the party's name or a registered description on ballot papers. You will also need to submit an emblem request if you wish for the party emblem to appear on ballot papers.

The Electoral Commission had produced guidance for candidates and agents, for both political party candidates and independent candidates which provide further detailed information which you should read.

The role of a councillor

The council and democracy section of the Manchester City Council website has further information on the role of a councillor.

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