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Paying outstanding council tenants' debts

Former tenants who still owe rent can make an agreement to pay off the debt in affordable regular amounts. 

You are a former tenant if you paid your rent directly to us, or an organisation that collected rent on behalf of us. They are:

  • Northwards Housing for north Manchester
  • Harvest Housing for Grove Village, Ardwick
  • Adactus Housing for Miles Platting
  • Guinness Northern Counties for West Gorton
  • Solutions for Brunswick, for Brunswick 
  • Peaks and Plains in Alderly Edge

We can’t split the debt between people who had a joint tenancy together.  You are making an agreement to repay all of the rent debt for that tenancy

We take debts left by former council tenants seriously and we can use the courts to force payment. This could affect your ability to borrow money or pay for things on credit. It can also stop you getting other social housing until the debt is cleared or you're keeping an agreement to repay.

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Was this page helpful?