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Homes and property Housing support to live independently

Housing-related support

Housing-related support helps people who are struggling to set up or maintain a stable home environment. It's a short-term service which aims to give individuals the skills and confidence to be able to live independently and avoid tenancy problems which can lead to homelessness

A person may need support in their own home, or in supported accommodation, for example a hostel or sheltered housing. The support might be needed for a wide range of reasons, and is tailored to address the issues they are facing, which may include help to:

  • set up and maintain your home
  • get settled into new accommodation for the first time
  • develop skills, such as cooking and cleaning
  • sort out rent arrears, debt, budgeting, claiming the right benefits and filling in the relevant forms to maintain a tenancy
  • get advice and advocacy related to housing or tenancy matters
  • stay in contact with friends and family
  • get into education and training and volunteering
  • return to, or find employment
  • manage safety and security at home
  • recover from (mental) ill health
  • maintain your health and wellbeing

Housing related support does not include personal care, such as help with taking medication, washing or bathing, although if you have care and support needs, a care needs assessment will take into account your housing circumstances.

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