Roads and transport Great Ancoats Street improvement scheme


We’re planning to carry out improvement work on Great Ancoats Street. This work will start from Oldham Road at the junction of Marshall Street/Cornell Street, along Great Ancoats Street to the Metrolink stop on Pollard Street. 

Great Ancoats Street is a key part of the Manchester and Salford Inner Relief Route around the city centre. With an average of 37,200 journeys on a typical weekday, it’s a well-used and vital route. The pedestrian crossings are also heavily used, with over 15,000 crossings made in 12 hours.  

In recent years, the surrounding areas of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats/New Islington have undergone major transformations. As the city centre is expanding, Great Ancoats Street is not benefiting from the same exciting developments to housing and businesses as its neighbours. There are also a high number of road accidents along the route.

The area is a prime location for residential and commercial development opportunities, and a plan of work has been put together to help the area realise its potential.  

Summary of our plans

  • Additional fit-for-purpose crossings will be installed along the route, making travelling by foot or bicycle from the city centre to the surrounding neighbourhoods easier and safer
  • Resurfacing of the road with new, modern materials will reduce the noise from motor traffic by 40 per cent
  • Landscaping of the area to make the route more attractive. This will include planting seventy trees, laying new pavements, improving street furniture, and making signage clearer and simpler to understand. The changes will make the area a natural extension of the city centre
  • Increase economic growth in and around the city centre. Employment is predicted to grow in the city centre, and many people will need homes near their place of work. These improvements will mean that the neighbourhoods around Great Ancoats Street are attractive to developers

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 This scheme is part funded by the Greater Manchester Growth Deal.

See when and where the work will happen

An artist's impression of the Great Ancoats Street redevelopment.

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