Roads and transport Hyde Road: pinch point widening scheme

Hyde Road improvement scheme

This consultation closed on 19 September 2019


We want to carry out works on Hyde Road, between Far Lane and Wall Way, where a disused railway bridge causes 300 metres of the road to reduce from four lanes to two lanes. This pinch point causes significant congestion and delay, particularly at peak travel times.


When the work is completed, it will:

  • significantly reduce congestion in both directions of travel
  • reduce journey times, particularly at peak travel hours

Summary of our plans

The works will start in October 2019 and are expected to take around 10 to 12 months.

We will:

  • demolish the disused railway bridge and replacing it with a new one with a longer span
  • create two new lanes (one in either direction), to make the road a dual carriageway in both directions, for its entire length

We expect that two lanes of traffic can be maintained for the majority of the works. However there will need to be a full closure during the demolition of the bridge which will happen over a weekend early in the scheme, and during the lifting-in of the new bridge, which will happen overnight, and be one of the last aspects of the scheme.

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As this is only a 300 metre section of the road, no specific cycle lanes are included in this scheme. However, we are including an extra wide footway to the north that can become a shared pedestrian and cycle way, and link to further cycling provision in the future.

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