Roads and transport Play Street scheme

Applications are currently closed due to Covid19 restrictions

Closing your street for play for a few hours can provide more space for safe and socially distanced play.  Using pavements and the road while traffic free can provide more space for residents and children to social distance. This allows for groups of less than 6 people from no more than two households in each group. 

We want more of our residents from all parts of the city to come together to close the road or street where they live to help children's play. A group of residents can apply to close their road on a regular basis for a few hours each time so there is no danger or inconvenience from through traffic.

This means:

  • the road is closed temporarily and car access is restricted so that children can play in safety. 
  • access is allowed for residents and their vehicles at all times.
  • residents volunteer to act as 'steward' or 'marshal' to safely guide cars needing to get to or from their properties.
  • a temporary road closure cannot take place more than once a week.  
  • suitable Play Streets are preferably residential roads or cul-de-sacs and not be on a bus route. 
  • most sessions involve the road being closed for up to 3 hours and within daylight hours.
  • residents must first consult with people who live on the street before submitting the request to close the street for a Play Streets session.
  • residents are also asked to consult with any businesses such as shops.

For further details about the application process and how to submit an application, please read our Play Street – Guide for Applicants and our Play Streets Policy

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