Roads and transport Play Streets guidance

Once you have permission

Equipment and Funding 

  • Application is free, we have waived the normal application fee for temporary road closures for community street closure sessions. 
  • You do not need a lot of equipment. However, you will need to put up road closed signs at the entry and exit points. You may also need traffic cones and other signs and banners. 
  • Your Neighbourhood team may be able to you or help you borrow these from other groups or apply for funding to purchase these items. Contact the Neighbourhood team by email to ask about this. 

Get organised 

  • You do not need to set up a formal organising committee but you will need to have a few committed volunteers to make it happen, the number will depend on the size of your street. 
  • One person will need to agree to be the applicant. You will also need volunteers to act as “marshals” on the day, and somebody to help with door knocking and leafleting the residents
  • Holding a Community Street Closure session is not difficult, it is always wise to think about what could go wrong and plan to make sure that these things don't actually happen. 
  • Risk Assessment - You should complete a risk assessment from Playing Out .Once completed please send this to us by email to 
  • Traffic Management Plan - You will need to think about traffic diversions from your street during the closure. This will be a sketch which will include details of the entry and exit points and position of marshalls and road closed signs as well as suggested diversion routes. If you need help with this you can ask for help from your Neighbourhood team, email

Promote your event 

  • The more people who know about your plans the better. There are some good resources on the Playing Out website  and TFGM including sample posters and flyers that can be circulated to residents or displayed in windows. 
  • You could set up street based social media groups to update residents on the plans and ask for help. You can also share updates on social media with these tags @ManCityCouncil, #mccplaystreets, #openstreets, #carfree, @playingout, @playstreets, @gmcleanair and many more. 

Hold a planning meeting before the event

  • It is a good idea to get together in the days before your event. This means volunteers will know what is happening and what is expected from them on the day including how to allow for safe access and to ensure the closure is safe. (see Marshall Briefing Guide - from Playing for more useful advice and materials)

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Was this page helpful?