Roads and transport Play Streets guidance

On the day

Making it a success

  • On the day of the closure you will need to have the signs and cones ready to be placed on your street. Position them so that approaching drivers can easily see them.
  • Please do not place road signs until the time that the Closure Order states and remember to remove them as soon as it ends.
  • Remind marshals that they must remain at these positions throughout the session or draw up a rota to allow them time to join in with activities. Make sure they are easily identifiable and visible by wearing hi viz jackets. 

How did it go on the day? 

  • It is a good idea to ask your neighbours what they thought of the session and to ask if they want to do it again or more regularly. 
  • You can also download useful guides that can help you keep a note of what you might need next time round and if there were any issues or risks you want to address next time. 
  • If you want to hold more regular community street closures involving more than 3 dates in a year you will need to complete a separate application form which requires a slightly longer approval process from the Department of Transport. 
  • Our Neighbourhood team can provide this and advise you through the whole process, email

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Was this page helpful?