Roads and transport Footpath widening for social distancing

Footpaths being widened

We are prioritising walking and mass transit as that is where the numbers of people are the greatest and have most impact on economic recovery which is a key priority. In terms of cycling our priority is to work with both TfGM and the Mayor’s Walking and Cycling Commissioner to prioritise the delivery of permanent cycling infrastructure as soon as possible.

Social distancing measures have been focused on the city centre between public transport hubs and key places of employment and key district centres.

In May we introduced measures on:

Princess Street

There will be barriers on Princess Road southbound between Mosley Street and Whitworth Street. Bus stops will have extended platforms.

London Road

There will be barriers on London Road southbound between Ducie street and Fairfield Street. The bus stop will have an extended platform.

Cheetham Hill Road

There will be barriers on Chetham Hill southbound between Greenhill Road and just past Beckenham Road.

Wilmslow Road

There will be barriers on Wilmslow Road between Walmer Street and Dickenson Road.

Ashton Old Road

There will be barriers on Ashton Old Road between Turton Street and Abbey Lane.

Barlow Moor Road

There will be barriers on Barlow Moor Road between Selborne Road and Warwick Road.

Manchester Road

There will be barriers on Manchester Road between Kensington Road and Oswald Lane.

Withington Village

There will be barriers between Copson Street and Davenport Avenue on Wilmslow Road.

There will be information along the widened sections giving guidance to help people keep their distance while on their essential journeys and exercise during the lockdown and through recovery.

We expect work to begin soon in Hulme High Street and further locations in the city centre which will be confirmed at a later stage.

We also have temporary closures in place on a number of roads around the city centre. See where these closures are in effect. 

Further measures are planned for key public spaces and we are supporting businesses who will need to provide their own social distancing measures on pavements.

Read more about how we are prioritising new measures.

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